Healthcare Team

Practice Pharmacist

Our practice pharmacist may consult with you and perform medication reviews, especially for patients on multiple medications.

First-contact Physiotherapist

Our practice physiotherapist may consult with you if you have musculo-skeletal problems.

Community Midwives

Midwives provide care and advice to antenatal and postnatal patients. Clinics are run at dedicated health centres.

Community Nurses

District nurses are responsible for the nursing needs of patients who are housebound, and will visit patients if needed.

Health Visitors

Health visitors are available for help and advice on many aspects of health care. including care of expectant mothers, babies, infants and preschool children. They can be contacted at the adjoining health centre on 0208 428 5577.

Renovation works Completed!

Building works are now complete, and we are back in our original building, where you will find much-improved premises and facilities. We hope to provide excellent care and gradually expand the width of facilities from our building. We would like to thank you all for bearing with us during this phase.

Cancer Screening


It is important to go for your screening tests for Cancers when invited. If you are due a cervical smear, please call and book with the Practice Nurse!