iWantGreatCare is a free service for all those looking to find the best care for themselves, their family or those they look after.

Simple and free to use:

  • Search for a doctor or dentist by name, specialty or region of the country and read the reviews and ratings of other patients. 
  • Benefit from the advice and experience of others taking the same medicine as you.

By showing you truly independent ratings and reviews you are able to find the sort of care best suited for your needs. Benefit from the wisdom and experience of patients just like you and ensure you get care to best meet your individual needs and preferences.

Choosing your next doctor – Trust, listen, recommend

Simply use the search box on iWantGreatCare to see doctors listed according to the views of other patients and their carers. Instantly see how much that doctor listens, how much trust patients have in their ability and whether their patients would recommend them to others.

Coping with side-effects of medicine – what do others like you do?

Whatever medicine you are taking, and however it affects you, a fellow patient has already had a similar experience and may have found a way to cope that you can benefit from. Had experience of taking a certain medicine? Let your fellow patients benefit by adding your rating and review – including ways you made any side-effects more tolerable.

Contributing to the improvement of the NHS

iWantGreatCare is the simplest, most direct way to provide the feedback that organisations and doctors need to deliver better care. Simply add your comments to iWantGreatCare and your reviews are instantly shared for the benefit of those giving care – but most importantly to help the next patient. Reviews are totally anonymous and your details are not shared with the doctor or organisation unless you choose to pass them on.

The health service is not run for doctors, hospitals, owners of nursing homes or drug companies – it is run for patients, and iWantGreatCare empowers you to provide the direct feedback necessary to ensure continuous improvement for each and every patient in the UK.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Please click the below links for the latest advice:


COVID Vaccination Information


NHS 111


Government Stay At Home Guidance


NHS Information Page




Cancer Screening


It is important to go for your screening tests for Cancers when invited. If you are due a cervical smear, please call and book with the Practice Nurse!